We’re Britta + Penny, wedding storytellers in the upper, upper midwest. We use photography and videography to document wedding-day moments that become more meaningful with time. We believe weddings are not just about the fancy details but a testament of your love and a celebration of your new adventure together.

      WHO WE ARE

      We started ‘ Here’s to the Hearts’ in 2017, but both Britta and Penny have 20 years of combined wedding photography and videography experience. In that time, we’ve seen and documented everything; from groomsmen going on epic motorcycle rides before the ceremony to a bride having an honest and heartfelt moment with her mom. To us, a wedding story is more than just portraits and details. It’s about telling the story of a couple on the best day of their lives. It’s about their relationships. It’s about their joy. It’s about love. When we launched ‘Here’s to the Hearts’ we made it our mission to capture a wedding day differently. Using both still and moving pictures, we’re dedicated to telling a story as honestly as we can. While trends come and go, we want to make sure that in 20, 30, 50 years you’ll feel those same feelings you felt on your wedding day.



      Your hearts are big and your love for adventure is obvious. Sure, you are the first couple on the dance floor, but you are also the couple crying together on the sofa watching This is Us. Backyard parties and leisurely strolls around your neighborhood is your weekend jam and your mission in life is to make your partner laugh so hard they squirt milk out of their nose. You are excited about your wedding day (YAY!) but you see through trends and know some things need to stay classic. Your friends are your family and your family is your backbone. And your love? Well, it’s nothing fancy. Just love: pure, real and genuine.